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A Cyndicate Talk
You can buy one, but why choose! By both books now, get a fantastic deal, and even better value!
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2 Minute Business Coach is your essential small business Survival Guide.

Mitch Cammidge - Savage In Business - business coach to 400successful entrepreneurs, speaker to tens of thousands, is compelled to pass on the essential, life-saving, and bulletproof-making business strategies.

Many of the tasks required in business can take you as little as two minutes to accomplish.

YOU must Learn the critical functions, strategies, and skills that take you ‘just 2 minutes (or less!) to create a stable company, increased profitability, and the successful life you crave.

A Cyndicate Talks - Wise Business words from Everyday experts - just like You

Have you ever heard of Cyndicate? Our fantastic small business networking, collab, nasty, and tribe of business owners meet regularly to share exchange and grow each other. This started a fantastic video Blog/Podcast/Education Service called “A Cyndicate Talks.”

‘A Cyndicate Talks’ has collected a panel of the most innovative small business entrepreneurs, complete subject matter experts, from diverse fields such as:

● Human Resources
● The Technology of Things
● Sales
● Marketing
● Operations
● Management & Leadership

Essential skills required for a successful business.

This book is a collection of these superb subject matter experts sharing their best wisdom, and we have brought their best business teachings to You.
Don’t believe us?
Check out the video series (season 1 and season 2) on YouTube.
Read their wisdom and make Your Business Better

Early Bird Sales

You can buy one, but why choose! By both books now, get a fantastic deal, and even better value!



Justin Deonarine

"I highly recommend a chat with Mitch. His advice and guidance provides structure and focus to companies that need it. He is always happy to support others, but he will get straight to the point. Remember that it's his job to push you outside of your comfort zone, and he's good at what he does!"

Michael Oleskiw

"I have known Mitch for over a year now, and in that time I have always learned something from our interactions. He takes the time to share and support everyone that he meets, and is excellent at supporting you in whatever needs to be accomplished. I would recommend everyone reach out to connect with him"


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