Case Study

We provide complete business coaching that prepares you for making the best decisions for your organization.

Case Study

A&M Abatement Transformed Their Business

For a business to “transform” implies some change to its processes and how it presents itself to the wider world. If not done right, the transformation process can affect your business’s growth and profitability.

We provide complete business coaching that prepares you for making the best decisions for your organization. Our coaching modules have proven several businesses in processes like doubling the workforce, staff onboarding and training, developing full-time sales and marketing programs, and much more. Providing high-quality coaching to ensure your business thrives through successful business transformation transformed business is necessary for companies hoping to seize the opportunities and overcome the challenges of a globalized marketplace.

Business Case studies

Transformed Their Business

The business unit began as 1 primary business, with two ‘side hustle’ style endeavours. Portfolio through two years includes a 200% increase in revenue through accounting business, significant decreases in ad and marketing cost (70% reduction with a multi-fold return on investment), staff additions, development and launch and growth of marketing business (SOS marketing)

Air Quality Solutions Edmonton (Fast-growing air quality testing service attached to construction/renovation/demolition), north American launch of She Hustle Collective (female entrepreneur org-writing, publishing, etc), Property management firm, modelling school, photography business, franchise business training, accounting & bookkeeping training school, amongst others (11 business units to date).

All major business segments developed  (Financial & cashflow, sales, marketing, operations planning, HR, strategic planning), with franchise potential for all business units.

Both primary owners have additionally built speaking and writing practices as part of their personal brand portfolios.

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