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Client Testimonials

I have had many coaching calls with Mitch.Mitch is a wealth of knowledge!  Whether I need a sounding board or some tangible information Mitch never disappoints. If you need to push your business forward and don’t know where to start contact Mitch!!

Jeff Knox

I highly recommend a chat with Mitch. His advice and guidance provides structure and focus to companies that need it. He is always happy to support others, but he will get straight to the point. Remember that it's his job to push you outside of your comfort zone, and he's good at what he does!

Justin Deonarine

One of the many things I like about Mitch is that he a shooter. I don't need sugar coating, I would rather hear the truth straight up. if that means calling me out on my stuff, I'm cool with that!!! Mitch has been kind, patience and knowledgeable in working with me every step of the way!!Are you ready to level up your business? Mitch is your man!!!

Lois Lesage

In less than 3 months of business coaching, Mitch has helped me shift from random and un-strategic practices to having a winning business / marketing plan. Our meetings are straight to the point and I always come away with powerful actionable steps to grow my business. If you are in need of business growth and clarity, you need to reach out to Mitch Cammidge Coaching today!- Cari Frame @selfkindnesscoach & Prize-Winning Writer

Cari Frame

I have known Mitch for over a year now, and in that time I have always learned something from our interactions. He takes the time to share and support everyone that he meets, and is excellent at supporting you in whatever needs to be accomplished. I would recommend everyone reach out to connect with him

Michael Oleskiw

Mitch is incredibly trustworthy and easy to be with. He is a book of knowledge in his industry. He pushes you to be your best at all times.  And he just makes you smile! Thank you Mitch!

Lynne Karlowich

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Literally everyone. I’m currently helping people from 12 to 60+ years old. Everyone is getting an adjusted program and a meal plan.

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